The Move (Relocation)

As Real Estate Professionals and natives to the Tri-Stata area, McGuire Realty Company and it's associates believe it is a privilege to introduce people to our area and help them make the most of living in one of the nicest areas in the country.

Finding the right home is just one of the challenges facing you when you relocate. McGuire Realty Company, Inc. offers a full relocation program which includes relocation counseling, relocation package, personal tour of the area and and exclusive buyers Agency representation.

  • The Tri-State area is a great place to call home!
  • A pleasant place to raise a family
  • An area of tremendous opportunity to start a career or build a business
  • A perfect place for retirement
  • An ideal place to realize your dreams and aspirations—whatever they may be

Over the past 39 years in business, we have represented many third party, REO and referral companies.  For all your relocation needs contact us and let us help you make a smooth transition.


One Month Before Moving

  • Obtain an IRS Change of Address form, call 1-800-829-1040
  • Gather moving supplies, boxes, tape, rope.
  • In moving far away, make any necessary travel arrangements like airline, hotel, and rental car reservations, or plan your travel route if driving.
  • Call a moving company or make truck rental reservations to move yourself.
  • Finalize real estate and apartment rental needs.
  • Place legal, medical, and insurance records in a safe place and accessible place.
  • Give your mailers your new address (using Address Change Notification Cards):
    • Friends and family members
    • Banks, insurance companies, and other financial institutions
    • Charge card and credit card companies
    • Doctors, dentists, and other service providers
    • State and Federal Tax autorities and any other government agencies as needed.
    • IRS
    • Save moving receipts (many moving expenses are tax deductible).
    • Make maps of your new neighborhood to familiarize yourself and your family with your new area.
    • Plan your moving budget.

Two Weeks Before Moving

  • Inform gas, electric, water, cable, local telephone and trash removal services of your move.  Sign up for services at your new address.
  • Get new cable service for your home.
  • Inform long distance phone company of your move.  Sign up for long distance service at your new address.
  • Recruit moving-day help.
  • Confirm travel reservation.
  • Arrange to close or transfer your bank account, if appropriate.

The Day Before Moving

  • Set aside moving materials like a tape measure, pocket knife, packing boxes, tape and markers.
  • Pick up rental truck.
  • Check oil and gas in your car.
  • If traveling, make sure you have tickets, charge cards, and other essentials.



Packing Tips

  • Keep the following supplies and accessories on hand:
    • Boxes of all sizes
    • Bubble wrap or other cushioning material
    • Marking pens
    • Furniture pads or old blankets
    • Packing tape and scissors
    • Money and credit cards
  • Label each box with the room in the new home to which it should be delivered.
  • Number the boxes and keep a list of what is in each box.
  • Clearly mark fragile items.
  • Pack a bag of personal items you'll need during the move (change of clothes, toiletries, medicine, maps, food, and drinks).  Keep it in an easy-to-find place when you pack.
  • Keep a medical kit accessible.
  • If you have children, pack a bag of game and activities for the trip.



During the First Week After Moving

  • Locate police and fire stations as well as hospitals and gas stations near your home.
  • Scout your new neighborhood for shopping areas.  You may need furniture, tools, or housewares unexpectedly.
  • Call the Department of sanitation in your new town to find out which day the trash is collected.  Also ask whether your new community has recycling programs.
  • Seek out new service providers such as a bank, cleaners, veterinarian.
  • Register to vote.  Call your local board of elections for specific registration information.  Ask them how to notify your previous voting district of your change of address.
  • If you have moved into a different state, contact the Department of Motor Vehicles to exchange your driver's license.
  • Call you Chamber of Commerce for helpful information on:  schools, cable service, cultural events and community activities, libraries and parks, and availability of emergency calling services, such as 911.
  • Provide new doctor and dentist with your medical history.  You may need to request your file from your previous doctor/dentist.
  • Transfer insurance policies to an agent in your new community.  You may also wish to make a detailed list of your belongings, their value, and your coverage.
  • Give your new home a good cleaning.
  • Moving can be stessful.  Watch for effects on family members and pets so you can give comfort and a helping hand.